Company history

May 1966 Saito Shoji established
Apr 1968 Mining Tool Sales Division established
Dec 1971 Product development resulted in the manufacture and sale of mining tools and equipment
Jan 1972 Saito Shoji was renamed to Hirado Kinzoku Kogyo
Oct 1974 The Fukuoka Plant was built to strengthen the Manufacturing Division
Jun 1976 The Yokohama sales office opened
Sep 1976 The manufacture and sale of hydraulic machinery began. New Rock splitter and attachments were developed.
Nov 1979 The Fukuoka Plant was expanded due to for our mining tools and equipment , aswell as our hydraulic greatly increased demano machinery.
Aug 1987 The new Fukuoka head office was built.
Apr 1990 The Fukushima office was opened.
Feb 1991 Hirado Trading Co. was established to strengthen the Trading Division.
May 1992 The offices at company headquarters were expanded.
Dec 1994 The Fukuoka plant was expanded to accommodate a mass production system. (painting and assembly facilities and can manufacturing facilities)
New offices were built for the Fukuoka plant
Jan 1996 Business agreements were signed with Boart Longyear and Unilock AB.
Mar 1997 177,700 square feet of land was purchased in Yoshii-machi, Fukuoka Prefecture, for the Yoshii plant.
Sep 1998 A new hydraulic pump model was developed.
Mar 2009 The Yoshii Pland was completed.
Production department was expanded, and products exhibition hall was newly established.
May 2010 Sales department and Production department became independent affiliate companies.
Transformation to corporate group was progressed.
Sep 2015 Incorporated Hirado Machinery Co., Ltd.
Integrating production management and unify business to improve efficiency.
May 2016 Head office of Hirado Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. and its Fukuoka factory were integrated.