Company overview

Name Hirado Kinzoku Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Date founded May 1, 1966
Representative Akihiro Shimomukai
President and Representative Director
Guide to business We manufacture ultra-hard tools (for the mining, stonework, crushed rock, and civil engineering industories,we also manufacture), hydraulic crushing machines for rock and concrete using the hydraulic pump we developed in-house as a power source in our rock splitters , fasting splitters, crushers, and cutters. we also manufacture hydraulic machines for reprocessing the material left over from casting molds, Runner Crushers , Snap Cutters , Casting Splitters , and bedrock drilling machines with pneumatic drills.

We sell our products to the rock and crushed rock industries, as well as the civil engineering construction industries, including those involved with tunneling , slope anchoring , and chipping and dismantling. We have also expanded our sales channels to include the foundry industry.
At present, we are steadily expanding our business overseas to China, India, the ASEAN countries, and the EU countries.

Office and Plant Locations

Head Office / Overseas Sales / Fukuoka Plant

6-22-37 Tsukiguma, Hakata-ku
Fukuoka, Fukuoka [Map]
TEL : 092-503-3421
FAX : 092-503-6749


Yoshii Plant

1825-1 Tominaga,Yoshii-machi,Ukiha Fukuoka [Map]
TEL : 0943-75-4411
FAX : 0943-75-4433



Hirado Group Companies Hirado Fukuoka Co., Ltd (Domestic Sales – South Japan)

Hirado Yokohama Co., Ltd (Domestic Sales – East & North Japan)

Hirado Kinzoku Hanbai (Osaka) Co.,Ltd (Domestic Sales – West Japan)

Hirado Seisakusho Co.,Ltd (Factory)

Hirado Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd (China)