Root Hammer


36-1 Root Hammer





This small rock drill is for drilling hole in stone, bedrock, concrete, etc.

Its weight is about 6kg, very light though, it is high durability.

It can be used in many job site such as construction job site, quarry, anchor of slopes, etc. 

The direction of rotation is changed from left handed to right handed, and it can be used for screwing chemical anchors and anchor bolts.

It can work by air compressor and needs tapered rod and bit etc.


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11-1 Vibration Absorptive Handles

Vibration Absorptive Handles for rock drill


It can reduce the vibration from rock drill to hands.

Attachable to every maker’s hand rock drills such as TJ-15、TJ-20、TY-62、TY-16、TY-24、YS-11、YS-14YS-23、217D、112D、TH-5, etc.



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