For Breaking Runners Fast, Safe & Easy

Snap Breaker


The Snap Breaker SBH & SBT Series for breaking iron runners and sprues.

Breaking runners and sprues increases the efficiency of furnaces and eliminates any bridging within furnaces.


Compared to ordinary hammering, plasma cutting and grinding methods, the Snap Breaker provides a faster, safer and easier alternative.

Breaking runners and sprues can now be done easily within seconds.


The Snap Breaker is available in both Handheld (SBH) and Stationary (SBT) versions.

Different models are available depending on the size of runners and sprues.

Like all Hirado equipment, all handheld models can be adapted with different handles to suit the user and working environment.



ModelLengthWeightBreaking ForceBreakable Thickness (Grey)(Reference) Breakable Thickness (Ductile/Nodular)(Reference) Max. GapType
SBH-1640mm 20kg 121kN 48mm x 48mm 30mm x 30mm 50mm Handheld
SBH-1L781mm 38kg 185kN 55mm X 55mm 40mm X 40mm 60mm Handheld
SBH-2848mm 65kg 222kN 54mm x 54mm 50mm x 50mm 56mm Handheld
SBH-2L957mm 97kg 397kN 85mm x 85mm 55mm x 55mm 88mm Handheld
SBT-2962mm 130kg397kN 85mm x 85mm 55mm x 55mm 88mm Stationary
SBT-1001700mm 1700kg 1040kN 128mm x 128mm 105mm x 105mm 130mm Stationary