Mobile Rock Splitters For Rock & Concrete

Rock Splitter


Dust Free

Vibration Fee




These keywords describe Hirado’s renowned Rock Splitter, available in a variety of models.

The ideal tool for not only breaking rock, but also breaking concrete structures in places with restricted access and noise/vibration regulations (Subway, Hospital, Internal Demoliton etc.)

With less than 65 Dba’s, Hirado’s Rock Splitter is one of the most silent demolition equipment on the market.


While lightweight, the Rock Splitter carries extreme force, with a splitting force up to 6.5 Meganewton.

Versatile and mobile, the Rock Splitter is the must have tool for the demolition expert.

To be used in combination with Hirado’s Hydraulic Pump (Air or Electric)


ModelWedge Diameter A (mm)Wedge Effective Length B (mm)Wedge Splitting Distance (mm)Length(mm)Weight (kg)Bit Diameter (mm)Drilling Length (mm)Breaking Power (MN)Applications
C15W28A200282007,594030303605,3Cubic Rocks, Boulders
C15W42A450424507,5119031446105,3Cubic Rocks, Boulders
C15W30B20030200994030323604,4Bredrock, Boulders
C15W42B400424009114031445604,4Bredrock, Boulders
C15W32D200322001294030343603,3Concrete, Boulders
C15W40D3004030012104030424603,3Concrete, Boulders
C15W42D3004230012104030444603,3Concrete, Boulders
K25W40A4004040012,5134335426606,5Bedrocks, Concrete, Concrete Piles, Boulders
K25W42A4404244012,5139536447006,5Bedrocks, Concrete, Concrete Piles, Boulders
K25W62A5006250012,5145537647606,5Bedrocks, Concrete, Concrete Piles, Boulders
K25W58D3705837020132536606304,1Bedrocks, Concrete, Concrete Piles, Boulders