Rock Splitter & Drill Unit

Rock Splitter w/ Drill


The PD-1 combines Hirado’s rock splitting and drilling technologies into 1 powerful attachment.


Using technolgies developed for Hirado’s Rock Splitter,the PD-1 can break bedrocks and boulders with ease.

By adding a specially developed drill system, the entire operation of drilling and splitting rocks can be done from inside of the cabin.

Optionally, an automatic lubcrication unit can be attached for easy maintenance.

The PD-1 is available for most excavators in the 9 ton class or bigger.


The PD-1 is efficient, safe, fast and powerful can be used for a wide variety of rock splitting.



ModelWeight(kg)SplitterWedge Diameter (mm)Wedge Effective Length (mm)Wedge Splitting Distance (mm)Breaking Power (MN)DrillDrill Bit Diameter (mm)Drilling Depth(mm)Drilling Stroke (mm)Required Hydraulic Pressure (MPA)