Heavy Duty Rock Splitter for Excavators

Powerful Rock Splitter


The Powerful Rock Splitter is a larger, more powerful version of Hirado’s renowned Rock Splitter.

Application include the breaking of rocks and concrete foundations.


Restrictions for blasting are getting stricter worldwide, prompting users to find a safer solution.

Altough rock breakers can be a solution, noise,vibration and dust regulations may prevent the the use of them.


Hirado’s Powerful Rock Splitter is the solution to all of these problems as it is safe, vibration free, dust free and extremely powerful.

The wedges of the Powerful Rock Splitter are specially designed to endure extreme power and last long.

Operation of the Powerful Rock Splitter is simple and it can be attached to a majority of excavators.

Depending on the model, the Powerful Rock Splitter uses 25 or 35MPa of Hydraulic Pressure, which is achieved by connecting the hoses to the excavator connections.


The Powerful Rock Splitter is efficient, safe, fast and powerful and can be used for a variety of rock splitting work in quarries, open pit construction sites and mining.


ModelWedge Diameter A (mm)Wedge Effective Length B (mm)Wedge Splitting Distance (mm)Length(mm)Weight (kg)Bit Diameter (mm)Drilling Length (mm)Breaking Power (MN)Required Hydraulic Pressure (MPA)