All-In-One Wedge & Feathers

One Body Wedge


Wedges specially developed by Hirado to easily split concrete, garden rocks and granite rocks.

Manufactured using a special alloy, Hirado’s One Body Wedge (O.B.W.)  houses great power in a small body.

Due to this manufacturing process, large hammers are not necessary to split the objects.

The O.B.W. comes in a special housing, preventing loss of consumables and allowing for easy installation.

The O.B.W. can be set into the object after first drilling the needed hole. Hirado’s Root Hammer is ideal for this task.


ModelWedge Diameter (mm)Applications
O.B.W-1414For Splitting Granite, Rocks, Concrete
O.B.W-1616For Splitting Granite, Rocks, Concrete
O.B.W-2020For Splitting Granite, Rocks, Concrete
O.B.W-3232For CB-20 Breaker