Reliable Power Packs

Hydraulic Pump


Hirado’s self developed hydraulic pumps are the interchangeable power sources for all Hirado foundry equipment.

The pumps are fast, easy to maintan, mobile and do not overheat due to incorporated patented technologies.

Both models can be equipped with Water Cooling or Air Cooling Oil Coolers upon request,




ModelElectric MotorDimension
( W x L xH)
WeightHigh Pressure PumpLow Pressure PumpHigh PressureLow PressureHigh Pressure Oil FlowLow Pressure Oil FlowTank Capacity
2.2kW 4P635mm x 605mm x 900mm170kg Plunger PumpGear PumpMax. 85MPa Limit. 70MPa18MPa 1.76 l/m (50Hz) 2.2 l/m (60Hz)8.30 l/m (50Hz) 10 l/m (60Hz)50 liter
3.7kW 4P725mm x 655mm x 1000mm 245kg Plunger PumpGear PumpMax. 85MPa Limit. 70MPa18MPa 2.60 l/m (50Hz) 3.30 l/m (60Hz)15 l/m (50Hz) 18 l/m (60Hz)100 liter