High-Speed Reliable Power Packs

Hydraulic Pump


Hirado’s self developed hydraulic pumps are the interchangeable power sources for all Hirado construction equipment using hydraulics

(Powerful Rock Splitter, PD-0 and PD-1 excluded)


The pumps are silent, fast, easy to maintan, mobile and do not overheat due to incorporated patented technologies.

Models come in electric and air versions depending on the environment of the user.



ModelTypeMotor ConsumptionDimensions ( W x L xH)Weight (kg)High PressureLow PressureHigh Pressure Oil FlowLow Pressure Oil FlowTank Capacity (L)
HM-103G CarinoElectric750W401mm x 345mm x 540mm4685MPa5MPa0.29 l/m (50Hz) 0.35 l/m (60Hz)4.2 l/m (50Hz) 5.0 l/m (60Hz)7
HM-503Electric3,7 kW570mm x 610mm x 720mm 16085MPa18MPa2.6 l/m (50Hz) 3.3 l/m (60Hz)15 l/m (50Hz) 18 l/m (60Hz)30
HM-506Electric3.7kW610mm x 570mm x 695mm 15685MPa45MPa2.6 l/m (50Hz) 3.3 l/m (60Hz)5.6 l/m (50Hz) 7.0 l/m (60Hz)25
HA-103Air1,1m3/min790mm x 1010mm x 755mm11285MPa-0.3 l/m -15
HA-301Air3,9m3/min790mm x 1010mm x 755mm14085MPa10MPa1.18 l/m10 l/m15