New Product Guide

NEW!! Wall Crusher HBCα – 1L

IMG_0108 HBCa IMG_0124

This is a new model of hand-held crusher HBC-1L. It can work by HIRADO hydraulic pump (200~400V  3-phase).

It is designed to avoid noise, vibration and dust. Therefor this machines is suit for the work in school, hospital, residents area.


NEW!! Hydraulic pump HM-103G Carino

Compared “Carino” to old model of “HM-103G Pump”, durability is being kept, the weight is about 30kg lighter than before so easy to carry.

Moreover,  amount of oil discharge has increased 20% of old model, the oil temperature rising can prevent by aluminum tank.

Applicable to Hirado Environmental Friendly Series (Wall Crushers, Splitter Series, etc.) with 3-phases 200V power socket.