The Revolutionary Foundry Wedge

Casting Splitter


The Casting Splitter EP-Series, for splitting gates from iron castings.

Compared to traditional hammering, plasma cutting and grinding methods, the EP-Series provide easier, faster and safer solutions.


In combination with Hirado’s self developed pump, the EP Casting Splitter splits the unnecessary parts from the casting safely and easily within seconds and without damage.

The EP Splitter is lightweight, compact and fully rotatable, allowing for different angles of splitting.


Multiple models are available depending on the gate size and power necessary. In addition, all models can be adapted with different handles depending on the position of the conveyor belt and/or working conditions.



ModelLengthWeightSplit ForceBreakable Gate Opening WidthWedge Top WidthWedge Base WidthWedge Height
EP30(20)488mm 8kg 50kN 16mm x 16mm20mm 12mm 60mm 30mm
EP-40569mm 12kg 72kN 20mm X 20mm 30mm 12mm 60mm 31mm
EP-80N(30)526mm 18kg 191kN 25mm x 25mm 30mm 12mm 68mm 44mm
EP-80N(30)L571mm 19kg 191kN 25mm x 25mm 30mm 12mm 68mm 44mm
EP-80N(23)526mm 17kg 191kN 30mm x 30mm 23mm 12mm 75mm 33mm
EP-80N(23)L571mm 19kg 191kN 30mm x 30mm 23mm12mm 75mm 44mm
EP-100(32)735mm 25kg 331kN40mm x 40mm 32mm 15mm 83mm 31mm
EP-150(32)793mm 31kg 500kN 50mm x 50mm 32mm 15mm 90mm 34mm
EP-200(32)812mm 52kg 682kN 57mm x 57mm 32mm 15mm 90mm 55mm