Hirado further expands rock & concrete splitter business in Europe and Africa.




Hirado is proud to announce a new partnership with Dando Drilling of the United Kingdom for its demolition equipment line up and in particular its rock & concrete splitting equipment.

Dando Drilling will cover not only its home country of the United Kingdom, but also the African continent.


When Hirado chooses a distributor overseas, Hirado look into several key factors. Most important being expertise in the field, being able to provide robust service and dedicated sales managers who genuinely care about providing the best solution for the customer.


To Hirado, a distributor is not just a distributor, but an equal partner who we wish to embark upon a successful journey with. Whether it’s a customer based in Japan or over 8,000 kilometers away in Europe should not matter, service and engagement with the user should stay the same.


Dando fulfills all of our key requirements and the synergy between our company’s policy and products we offer is more than we could have hoped for. Being in business since 1867, Dando is key player in the drilling market with a worldwide reach and dedicated team. Their expertise in drilling is vital for our own equipment as many of them require drilling before use. A shared vision and genuine caring about the users is another aspect which is of the utmost importance to Hirado; while we are manufactures, we do not just sell products, we offer solutions. Both Dando and Hirado strive to make the hard, rough work of our customers safer, faster and more comfortable.


It is for the reasons as described above that Hirado is pleased and excited to partner with Dando and we are all looking forward to a very much successful partnership.


The new partnership with Dando follows last year’s partnership with Power Tools AB of Sweden for Scandinavia among great interest and increased demand for vibration- and sound free splitting equipment for concrete and rocks.