Rock Splitters

These Rock Splitter can work in many job site such as mining, quarry, demolition of bridge, development of residential land, sewerage job site, underwater etc to break rocks and concrete.
Hydraulic pressure move the cylinder and thrust the wedge. Therefore less noise and less vibration compared to hitting. Moreover it is safe because gunpowder is not required.
There are many choices such as small, large, with bracket, with driller etc.



Crusher ( Breaking concrete, Peeling sashes )

4-1 hbd1 hbb1
These machines are used for in many kinds of job site such as demolition work, partial demolition work, refurbishment work, retrofitting work, power pole demolition work, concrete foundation demolition work etc.These machines can work by HIRADO hydraulic pump (200~400V 3-phase).

It is designed to avoid noise, vibration and dust. Therefor these machines are suit for the work in school, hospital, residents area.


Drilling machine ( Boring holes in rock, Drilling holes in concrete )

udm1 udr2 hrd1
These machines are for drilling hole in stone, bedrock, concrete, etc.It can be used in many job site such as construction job site, bridge pier construction, rock splitter hole, Non-explosive demolition agent hole, concrete pile hole, drilling in the tunnel, slopes, drilling in the water, residential development job, etc.


Casting machine ( Chopping runners, Cutting runners, Breaking gates)

ep1 shb1 hrc2
These hydraulic machines are for cutting and splitting gate, runner and sprue of Cast iron, Aluminum, Cast copper.Up to now, using grinder, gas and hammer is common way to cut the gate, runner etc. However this job is too hard and dangerous.

Our product can solve the matter and change the work environment better. HIRADO products adapt the wedge and the lever principles. Therefore, it is easy to cut the runner and split the gate.

Depends on the model of machine, it can work for different size of gate, runner and sprue.



Hydraulic pump ( Pumps )

pump1 apump1 hm-103g-carino
 In-house developed, considering the balance of destructive power and operability of hydraulic machines.

Applicable to Hirado Environmental Friendly Series (Wall Crushers, Wall Cutter, Splitter Series, etc.) with household 100V power socket, 3-phases 200V power socket or air. 

Although It is compact, has 85 MPa (Hydraulic pressure) and suits for different kinds of machines and job sites.


Through our long history and experience, our pumps have been developed to be durable and easy maintenance.

In consideration of maintenance and easy carrying, our pumps have the mechanical structure oil temperature to not rise easily.


Root Hammer

12-1 7-4 hammer1
This small rock drill is for drilling hole in stone, bedrock, concrete, etc.

Its weight is about 6kg, very light though, it is high durability.

It can be used in many job site such as construction job site, quarry, anchor of slopes, etc.